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Day 1 – First Impressions of New York

Chorus tour of the USPosted by DavidCDawson Wed, May 17, 2017 19:24:36

Day 1 – First Impressions of New York

I’ve arrived! Together with around fifty members of the London Gay Men’s Chorus, including musical director Simon and pianist Lana, onboard a British Airways jumbo jet.

“Let’s do the show here!” Once the drinks trolley did a few rounds, the singing began…

Strangely enough, with fifty gay men onboard, they ran out of gin.

Hats off to our chairman John for organising this group flight. Marshalling fifty gay men to America and back has to be like herding cats.

The New York Gay Men’s Chorus were there to welcome us in the Arrivals hall, complete with rainbow flags and lots of hugs.

My amazing host David was one of the welcoming committee at JFK airport from the New York Gay Men’s Chorus. With his years of local knowledge, I finally know the easy way to get into Manhattan.

We took the AirTrain from the terminal to Jamaica Station, where we got the E Line through to Chelsea, and 23rd Street.

And first impressions?

It’s hot. 30 degrees (that’s over eighty Fahrenheit for American readers). And humid. Everyone’s in their singlets and shorts.

Chelsea is an amazing neighbourhood, straight out of the movies. Great places to eat all the way up 23rd Street. Beautiful buildings.

And it’s busy. So busy.

The lobby of David’s apartment building is simply perfectly styled in Art Deco. Straight out of Poirot. There’s even a garden with the apartment block, a rarity in New York. The elevator is elegantly lined with dark wood and is to die for.

And the Art Deco apartment …

I am still in heaven.

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