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Three Days to Go – The Ess-a-Bagel Deli

Chorus tour of the USPosted by DavidCDawson Sun, May 14, 2017 16:09:12

Three Days to Go – The Ess-a-Bagel Deli

In three days I’m flying to America with the London Gay Men’s Chorus for a twelve-day tour. We’ll be singing in New York and Chicago.

As always happens in America, I’m spoilt for choice.

During a brief lull in our hectic tour, we’re going to be eating at the legendary Ess-a-Bagel Deli on 3rd Avenue, New York. Apparently, it’s been around for over thirty-five years, which they say is 150 years in New York restaurant years.

Because there are around a hundred of us on the tour, all pitching up at this deli one lunchtime, we’ve got to order in advance.

So we’ve been sent the menu. Which is like a small book.

Apart from the bagel (standard bagel? mini-bagel or sliced bagel?) should I go for the matzo ball soup, or just a salad?

Or what about a salad sandwich? That’s a new one on me.

Or maybe a conventional spread sandwich? If so, do I want peanut butter or jelly? Or maybe apple cinnamon cream cheese, banana nut cream cheese, berry berry cream cheese, chocolate chip cream cheese, lox cream cheese, oreo, pumpkin, scallion, strawberry, sun-dried tomato, vegetable, or just plain cream cheese?

And if I want a cheese sandwich instead, do I want American, Swiss, Gouda, Jarlsberg, Pepper Jack, Fontina, Havarti, or just plain cheddar?

And should I order the potato knish to go with?

I haven’t even started on the choices for dessert…

According to this article I’m reading on the internet, the Ess-a-Bagel Deli also known as His Hole-y-ness the Doughy Lama. Oh yeah..

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